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Libra Lithium Corp. is focused on advancing and developing a portfolio of grassroots lithium exploration projects in Canada. Libra Lithium’s asset portfolio includes the 100%-owned Flanders North, Flanders South, Burton, Tennent, Lithium Hill, Bitchu, Kivinen and Twist lithium projects, which together cover ~60,000 ha of prospective ground in northwestern Ontario. The Libra Lithium team, including its Board, management, and advisors, comprises a mix of qualified executives, engineers and geoscientists, with extensive experience in mining and mineral exploration, capital markets, asset management, oil and gas, and First Nations engagement.

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Largest Landholder in the Flanders Lithium District


Project Location
Northwest Ontario


  • 50 untested pegmatite targets
  • Numerous zoned pegmatites observed on properties with same mineralogy as Quetico and Wisa pegmatite trends.
  • > 50 potential dykes identified via satellite imagery at Flanders
  • Some of the highest Li anomalies in Ontario
  • Projects have km-scale >98th percentile Li-Cs anomalies, with similar signatures to Wisa Lake and White Willow projects
  • Underexplored
  • Zero recorded historical exploration on Libra’s claims
  • Very thin overburden + easy access + previously forested = increased likelihood for a low-cost discovery in proven district

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Ultimate Lithium Leverage

Hard-Rock Exposure

Amassing a portfolio of hard-rock lithium opportunities in Canada

Brine Exposure

Assessing lithium-brines for potential acquisitions

The Right Vehicle

A team driven by making new discoveries, not by press releases

A Word From Our CEO

“Genuine grassroots lithium exploration is brand new. Historically, existing lithium mines were enough to cover industrial demand. Today, the battery sector dominates lithium demand, and demand is growing faster than supply on the back of the global electrification and decarbonization efforts. Only recently have we needed to look for new sources of lithium.”

“Hard-rock lithium occurs in a type of rock called pegmatite. Most pegmatites being drilled off today were historically documented or found by accident while searching for something else. When generating our projects, we ignore “nearology” – proximity to known lithium occurrences – and focus on where lithium-bearing pegmatites should occur, stake it, and explore it. Imagine the opportunity that awaits if we purposely looked for new lithium deposits rather than staking around the accidents.”

Koby Kushner
CEO & Director

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